Golden State Power Cooperative collaborates with many types of fellow cooperatives that each offer goods and services while utilizing the cooperative business model. We appreciate the following cooperatives for their cooperation and support of Golden State.

  • Valley Electric Association
  • Ruralite
  • NRTC
  • General Pacific

Valley Electric Association

Valley Electric Association (VEA), headquartered in Pahrump, Nevada, serves 6,800 square miles of service territory, located mainly along the California-Nevada border. VEA provides electric service to over 17,000 members and a total of 22,000 meters in Nevada, and approximately 40 meters in Mono and Inyo Counties in California.

Although the VEA service territory is now becoming more suburbanized, mainly in the fast-growing community of Pahrump, it was farmers who initially organized and formed the co-op in 1963 and incorporated it in 1965. VEA still serves substantial irrigation power loads, but residential members are the co-op’s biggest single consumer group.

VEA provides innovative programs to its members and is also a long distance phone service provider. In 2009, VEA launched the largest domestic solar water heating program in the United States. In 2011, VEA formed Valley Electric Transmission Association, LLC (VETA), a wholly owned subsidiary, which owns and operates the growing transmission assets previously held by VEA. In 2013, VEA became the newest transmission owner to join the California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO). The new cross-state partnership highlights the value of regional collaboration in greening the grid, creating jobs and benefiting ratepayers across the region.

Thomas Husted is the Chief Executive Officer and John Maurer is the President of the Board of Directors.

Ruralite Services, Inc.

Ruralite provides media services to each electric cooperative in California. Ruralite magazine reaches more than 300,000 homes monthly through 47 zoned editions covering Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, California and Montana. Currents magazine—which is published 6 times per year—covers Arizona and reaches nearly 44,000 additional readers. Each member-utility receives a custom version of the magazine, enabling them to use the magazine to communicate with their members about important issues and promote programs specific to their utility.

Northwest Public Power Association

The mission of Northwest Public Power Association (NWPPA) is to enhance the success of its members through education, training, timely communication, governmental and regulatory relations, and other value added services. NWPPA is an international Association representing 150 public power consumer-owned, locally controlled utilities in the Western US and Canada with approximately 300 associate members who provide goods and services to NWPPA public power members.

National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative

The National Rural Telecommunications Cooperative (NRTC) supports over 1,500 utilities by delivering smart grid, broadband and video solutions that promote economic development and improve the quality of life in rural America.

General Pacific, Inc.

General Pacific, or GenPac, is one of the leading wholesale stocking distributors in the Northwest region of the United States. GenPac has served the Electrical Utility, Water Utility and Contractor markets since 1965. General Pacific has built long lasting relationships with customers by providing them with quality products and value added services.