The 6th Cooperative Principle: Cooperation Among Cooperatives

Cooperative Community Energy

Cooperative Community Energy was founded in 2001 to make the purchase and installation of renewable energy systems easy and affordable. As a co-op, customers are part owners of the business, keeping the focus on the benefits they can deliver to members. CCEnergy has helped nearly 1,000 homeowners and business owners move to clean and cost-effective solar energy. They use their buying power to secure discounted prices from the top equipment providers, and pass those savings on to their members. Daniel Pellegrini is the General Manager.

Clean Power Cooperative

The Clean Power Cooperative of Nevada County was formed in 2006 by motivated individuals who wanted to make a difference in their community. Their vision is a future in which all energy comes from clean, renewable, and sustainable sources, under local control. They are committed to promoting and facilitating energy conservation, energy efficiency and the production of clean, sustainable energy in Nevada County.